Going Public

Well, friends, I’ve now been at this for almost a week, hiding like a timid little mouse behind the privacy setting that doesn’t allow anyone but me to read this blog.  I’ve been futzing around with the appearance, trying to get my menus and pages to look right, and figuring out how to work around some of the limitations presented by the wordpress theme I’ve chosen.

But now it’s just getting silly.  After all, I keep telling everyone about this, and people have actually expressed interest in reading it.  So I’m taking the plunge.  Here it is.  Have a look.  Let me know what you think (or, on second thought, don’t – I’m having too much fun to care whether you like it or not!).

It is a work in progress.  Though I’ve loved writing my entire life, I’m sad to say that the last 10 years have pretty much involved business writing only, including the types of papers required to get an MBA.   Strategy of this, finance of that.  You get the picture.  So I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m rusty.  Bear with me.  It can only get better – hopefully in conjunction with my cooking skills and emotional well being!

Until next time,


(P.S.  I recommend looking at the early posts so you can see where this all began – or at very least check out the “About the Project” and “About Me” pages.)


~ by clevelandkat on November 12, 2010.

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